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Zippy CRM is the gateway to intelligent, user-friendly business solutions which have been meticulously designed to revolutionize the way you run your business in order to springboard your corporate success to brilliant heights


Customized features to optimise
company productivity and operational efficiency

With Zippy CRM, you can now get a bird’s eye view of your business operations anytime, speedily refine the workflow and delivery of business operations n your entire corporation as well as upgrade your resource management capabilities to yield optimum productivity and operational efficiency.

In a nutshell, you can now take comfort in a system that can allow you to run your business better than before without laborious micro-management.

You will never miss a business opportunity
with Zippy CRM

Zippy CRM is designed to provide you with a robust system to seize and catalogue leads and capitalize on a spectrum of opportunities on the market horizon. See how your business transforms to generate robust profits like you’ve never known before.

Zippy CRM allows you to grab your client’s attention with every marketing campaign.

Allow Zippy CRM’s intelligent framework to maximise your client outreach, design and blast out eye-catching EDMs as well as monitor and progressively improve client reception to your marketing campaigns.

We are passionate about your success!

Our Zippy CRM team are at your service to provide dedicated support the moment you need it to facilitate your quick trajectory to the pinnacle of business success.

Our experienced consultants will be most glad to also advise you on materializing the dynamic and organic development for your business via the integration of CRM with ERP, e-commerce and other essential business tools.

ZIPPY CRM Your dedicated, trusted partner for unparalleled business success


Key features to optimise company productivity and operational efficiency.

Why to choose us

• Our contact management feature will pave the path for your efficient and organized categorization of your contacts so as to allow you to have an all-rounded perspective of every corporation, organization or individual whom you or your business team have had any correspondence or liaison with.

• Apart from facilitating the creation of unique profiles of your contacts, this feature also makes it possible for you to stratify your contacts into a diversity of lists, for example 'customers' and 'leads'.

• Plus, this feature will allow you to easily share your brilliantly updated and organized contact database with every member of your business team to ensure that you readily equip your team with current information of every contact as it comes.

• What's more, this feature is perfectly compatible with Gmail, Excel spreadsheets and CSV files!

• ZippyCRM's Sales Dashboard feature will seamlessly allow you to get a quick pulse of opportunities as they come, along with the extrapolated sales revenue and the roadmap for conversion of opportunity into sales.

• This roadmap will comprise easily customizable milestones you need to achieve for this conversion for example prospect - meeting - proposal - closing of sales, along with a list of deliverables to be completed at each milestone.

• It gets better! Zippy CRM's Sales Dashboard will also enable you to configure the cross-linking of opportunities to materialize the up-sell of your products and services! Plus, records of all opportunities you have ever catalogued with the system will also be accessible at your fingertips anytime!

Zippy CRM's feature will enable you to manage an exhaustive list of current and projected personal tasks and business activities for your team within a superbly organized calendar with notification alerts. Never again will you miss an appointment, meeting or project deadline!

All tasks and activities encapsulated by this feature are seamlessly synchronized with all other features of the software which organize your contacts and opportunities to enable your business to run like a well-oiled machine!

Like a breath of fresh air, the highly versatile Zippy CRM system enables you to launch multiple automated email campaigns effortlessly according to your customized marketing timeline and your organized mailing lists

•Zippy CRM will also allow you to monitor and chart the quantitative progress of your email marketing campaigns!

•Our system reports tangibly illustrate the progress of your campaigns by delineating the email click rate, open rate, bounce rate and unsubscribed rate of every single campaign

•Make every campaign unique and innovative with a signature EDM template from our online template library

•What’s more, you could make hassle-free purchases of email blast credits from within the system at competitive prices to suit your variable campaign requirements!

• We understand your need to present differentiated platforms of the Zippy CRM system to members of different sub-divisions within your team. Our system easily allows you to customize permission control functions to materialize a range of unique settings for each member of your team.

•You can customize the features viewable and hence accessible to each team member as well as restrict the import and export of data encapsulated by the system.

•For example, a telemarketer could be allowed access to specific leads and activities within the system as compared to all features within the system.

Our intelligent RUI feature will automatically accommodate the platform from which you are accessing the Zippy CRM system, be it your laptop, work station or smartphone!

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